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- UKIP is the only party opposed to Scotland having the most expensive "Climate Change Act" in the world; only party that wants us out of the EU - only part of the world economy still in recession - the rest is growing at an average of nearly 6% a year; only party opposed to effectively unlimited immigration; committed to growing our economy by the only way it can be done Economic Freedom + Cheap Energy; we offer referenda as a basic citizen right, as Switzerland and California do. --- Neil Craig

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Scotland Front Runner For British Spaceport

   Another letter. Follow up on this tomorrow.

       I see that the Westminster government is pressing for the building of a British Spaceport which, for obvious reasons is "unlikelyto be in the south of England". Current front runner is Lossiemouth in Scotland.
    Indeed Lossiemouth was the preferred option for Virgin Galactic until they found nobody in Holyrood was interested in helping them though the regulatory morass that is government in Scotland - so this British company went to Sweden.
     Space industry, with virtually no government support. indeed with no little opposition from the Luddites who populate our corridors of power, is growing at 10% annually, rather better than the rest of the economy. 40% of the world's cubesats - the cutting edge of space development - contain hardware made in Scotland. This world class engineering should be a matter of immense national pride rather than being ignored by our 4th class political elite.
     However I'm sure that when the Yes campaign achieve their objective, we won't be seeing a British Spaceport here and the parochial Luddites of the SNP and their openly anti-growth Green allies will save us from having to worry about any of this dreadful "human progress" stuff.
Neil Craig

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