Scotland's first and only Ukip MEP David Coburn has branded Alex Salmond a "prototype dictator" and "master of the Borg".

Coburn's comments came after Alistair Darling, head of the anti-independence Better Together campaign, accused Salmond of acting like North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il. ....

Speaking to the Huffington Post UK, Coburn, tore into the Scottish National Party for "having one mind", like the Star Trek villains.

"Alistair Darling has hit the nail on the head," he said. "The SNP is like a cult, it's terrifying. Salmond is like Kim Jong-Un, he is master of the Borg, the Borg-in-chief!

"They all follow behind him. Nobody says anything wrong, it's always the same nonsense, there's no humanity to them. It reminds you of the Moonies, or some of the crazy American sects."

Coburn went on to compare the Scottish National Party to Daleks, the infamous villains in Doctor Who, adding: "If you listen to [SNP deputy leader] Nicola Sturgeon, she's Chief Dalek".

He added: "They take all their candidates and all the people that speak for them, put them in the cellar, thrash them with rubber hoses in stress positions until they trot out the same story. Nobody says anything wrong, there's no humanity them."

david coburn mep
Ukip MEP David Coburn speaking on election night

The Ukip MEP, who has described the Scottish First Minister as the "Robert Mugabe of Scotland", said Salmond was a "prototype dictator" who had "bullied Scottish business and anytime they disagreed with his economics, he just trashed them in public and got the cybernats onto them."

However, he warned that the Better Together pro-union campaign was not putting its message out "hard enough".

The Ukip MEP said that his party "doesn't do media training", quipping: "Our media training is we go to the pub."

I'm glad to see David speaking out to the HuffPo for both science fiction and against any sort of unthinking party discipline.