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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Roger Helmer - UKIP Energy Spokesman

      For anybody who thinks the stuff we get told about a "scientific consensus" about "catastrophic global warming" led by the impartial and trustworthy IPCC, Roger Helmer. UKIP's energy spokesman, has the facts:

     First of all, a fair number of the panel members are actually not scientists at all.  They are environmental activists.  That’s why many of the claims in the IPCC’s TAR4 (described as peer-reviewed science) turned out to be little more than quotes from NGO propaganda.  There are also a lot of bureaucrats and civil servants involved in the project.

Not all relevant:  Not all of the IPCC’s “scientists” are involved in relevant disciplines.  Some are involved in related disciplines – for example economists (Is an economist a scientist – discuss!), epidemiologists and so on.  I think particularly of IPCC reviewer Hans Labohm, a distinguished economist with whom I have worked. He is one of the IPCC’s 2,500 panellists, but he is a passionate campaigner against the Al Gore Theory. These disciplines have something to contribute after we’ve agreed about AGW, but not necessarily specific expertise in the subject itself.  I think we should perhaps hear more from statisticians and astronomers, who have much to contribute, but don’t seem to figure largely in the IPCC’s conclusions.  (It was a mathematician, Steve McIntyre, who with Ross McKitrick debunked Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick – Mann may or may not know about climate, but his statistics were way off beam).  Some are from totally unrelated disciplines. IPCC Chairman Ravendra Pachauri, for example, is a railway engineer.

Not all agree:  Paul Reiter, an epidemiologist and expert in tropical diseases from the French Pasteur Institute, actually had to threaten legal action to get his name removed from an IPCC report.  He had repeatedly advised them that malaria was not a disease of hot climates (the worst recorded outbreak having been in Siberia) but they refused to correct the text, and initially refused to withdraw his name.  He told me this story as we shared a cab a few years ago to Chicago’s O’Hare airport – we’d been attending a Heartland climate conference.  My good friend Fred Singer, one of the USA’s most distinguished climatologists, was an IPCC panellist and has the Nobel lapel pin to prove it.  His best line: “The IPCC accepts my corrections to its punctuation.  But not to its science”.

The IPCC has in fact been hi-jacked by a small group of a couple of dozen scientists, known as “The Hockey Team”, after the infamous graph (now dropped even by the IPCC).  These guys were exposed by the ClimateGate e-mails.  They work together.  They peer-review each other’s papers from a common perspective.  They know that the predictions of their climate theory are failing, and they cooperate to “hide the decline” (in their famous phrase).  continued

     Roger, a very successful businessman before he became Conservative leader in the European Parliament and then, in disgust, crossed to UKIP, is responsible for our energy policy which can be described in 2 words - "free market".

     Ending all the cross-subsidy, levies and most importantly, banning of cheap successful power sources because they compete with expensive subsidy needing ones, would end fuel poverty and get the economy growing. Obviously everybody but UKIP is against that.

     I recommend Roger's blog generally if you want to be informed on such subjects - you certainly aren't going to hear the truth frim the state owned BBC.

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