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Sunday, 16 February 2014

£3,000 Electric Bills by 2020, Unless We Go For Separation In Which case Far Higher

    Another letter to assorted editors today:

      We have seen the SNP's financial case coming apart when Westminster says a separate England would act in its interests not ours.
     This brings up another, even more serious, little reported issue where SNP policy depends entirely on promising England would wish to subsidise Scotland after separation.
      The SNP's white paper also asserts the rest of the UK would unquestionably wish to retain our joint national grid and specifically that England would decide to keep subsidising windmills in Scotland. If this did not happen, or if English voters subsequently voted in a government which wished to end the subsidy, we would be in serious trouble. Already the traditional parties are agreed on pushing to increase the average household's electricity bill, across the UK, from £1,400 to £3,000. Without continuing subsidy, our large number of windmills would make our bills far higher than that.
    So far the SNP have declined to say how they can guarantee the English would not vote for a government committed to their interests.
Neil Craig
UIKP prospective candidate Glasgow North
The £3,000 average electricity bill, courtesy of all the global warming obsessed LabNatconDemGreen cartel is proven here
    It cannot be denied so they agree to not mention it and hope the punters won't notice.

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