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Monday, 17 February 2014

Bluff, Bluster and Bullying

   So Alex Salmond has described the decision that it would not be economically sensible of a separated UK to saddle itself as a guarantor of an SNP £.

    And he should know since bluff and bluster are his stock in trade and his enthusiasm for violence to suppress political debate by UKIP is well known, shows bullying is too.

    However the hysteria does seem to be getting near the surface as he keeps pounding the obviously ludicrous line that we can be in a £ club, and if Mr Baroso knows anything about it, the EU club too, which doesn't want us in.

    The sensible thing would be to change their line and say they now really do believe in separation from both £ & EU. The Scottish case for being out of the EU is even better than for the UK as a whole because Ted Heath deliberately sold our fishing industry down the river to get in and leaving would allow us to rebuild it.

     Sturgeon today, while sticking to the party line, did say that nobody could prevent us continuing to use the £ as some use the $. Clearly she has been reading this blog from a few days ago.

      But in bluffing and blustering Salmond today said that England will indeed want to share liability for the £ with us because otherwise it will cost English business £500 million a year in transaction costs.

      That is an admission that, if so, the same must be true for us (£100 per person per year). Probably considerably more because ours will be the less internationally traded currency. And presumably there are many other instances where moving out of the global network will cost us more which he has not yet blurted out on this fit of annoyance.

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