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- UKIP is the only party opposed to Scotland having the most expensive "Climate Change Act" in the world; only party that wants us out of the EU - only part of the world economy still in recession - the rest is growing at an average of nearly 6% a year; only party opposed to effectively unlimited immigration; committed to growing our economy by the only way it can be done Economic Freedom + Cheap Energy; we offer referenda as a basic citizen right, as Switzerland and California do. --- Neil Craig

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Newsdrive Censoring for the SNP / Against UKIP

  Yesterday BBC radio did its second effusive piece in a row about the Yes campaign with nothing balancing. The BBC Charter legally requires them to be "balanced" in their news coverage but ... hey its just the law, not like anybody is going to enforce it.

   I sent this email which has not been answered. Freedom of Information Act requests, legally again, have to be answered within 20 working days and nearly always are, 4 weeks later plus any days of holidays in between, irrespective of whether it is a simple or complex question.

  The normal BBC answer is "we got an exception to the Freedom Act put in to cover journalistic sources and we decide that almost everything in the BBC impinges on journalistic sources so piss off" (OK a free translation) and we will see.

That is 2 days running the BBC Radio Newsdrive has been reporting, enthusiastically ("this isn't a sales pitch") from the Yes campaign.
Obviously if the BBC is in any slightest way intent on keeping its legal duty of "balance" you will be reporting equally enthusiastically, for days on end without interruption from the sceptical side. Indeed, bearing in mind that UKIP is polling at 1/4 of the SNP vote, you will certainly have an enthusiastic report about UKIP before having another 2 with the SNP.
Assuming the BBC claims to be in some slightest way concerned about not breaking its legal duties. Under the FoI Act I request to know what specific attempts you have made to ensure an equal number of supportive broadcasts for the Unionist campaign and 1/4 as many equally supportive ones about UKIP.
Neil Craig 
Note that I was sufficiently generous to the BBC to compare support for UKIP in Scotland as 1/4 of the SNP's. Across the UK we run at 20%, only slightly behind Tories and Labour and coverage of reserved UK issues on the BBC (Both in Scotland and UK wide) is clearly censored to not run proportionately to our UK polling support.

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