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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Warming Sceptics Well Informed - No Warming For 20 Years

   This is a letter sent to the Scotsman in support of something from Mike Haseler they published proving that those who dispute the warming scare are statistically proven intelligent, moderate and scientifically literate.

   Obviously it wasn't published.

       Congratulations to Mike Haseler (Tuesday) for his thorough analysis of warming sceptics and his finding that they are overwhelmingly well educated, scientifically literate, reasonable people who simply do not believe that there is any sign of the prophesied catastrophic warming with its ludicrous 1-4 ft sea level rises by 2025-50.
       And congratulations to the Scotsman for actually publishing this. Good news does not sell papers. Particularly so when the entire political establishment are committed to catastrophism - particularly in Scotland where they unanimously passed the most expensive Climate Change Act in the world.
      Incidentally the latest research shows that we have now had no warming at all, not just none of the catastrophic sort, for 20 years. The alarmists, despite maintaining their outrageous claims about having the support of 97% of scientists, are still unable to name a single scientist, anywhere in the world, who supports catastrophism, without being paid by governments, despite that being at least 40% of world scientists. Meanwhile Europe and America have had 6 years of recession, caused by this alarmism, while the rest of the world has an average of 6% annual growth.
      Conceivably it is time to listen to well educated, scientifically literate, reasonable people rather than the sort politicians have paid so much to for false stories to scare us with.
Neil Craig

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