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- UKIP is the only party opposed to Scotland having the most expensive "Climate Change Act" in the world; only party that wants us out of the EU - only part of the world economy still in recession - the rest is growing at an average of nearly 6% a year; only party opposed to effectively unlimited immigration; committed to growing our economy by the only way it can be done Economic Freedom + Cheap Energy; we offer referenda as a basic citizen right, as Switzerland and California do. --- Neil Craig

Monday, 10 March 2014

UKIP's EU Candidate David Coburn On TV - But Not On The State Broadcaster

     An interview with David Coburn here on RTV. Our lead EU candidate in Scotland.

     Legally the BBC has a duty of "balance" which means that they give at least as much coverage to the party expected to place first in the EU elections as other parties.

    Well in fact if the BBC were only 90% corrupt totalitarian Fascist propagandists we would expect them to report us at least 1/10th as often.

    If the BBC were only 99% corrupt Fascist liars that would be 1% as often.

    In fact, at the time of writing the BBC have not made one single mention of our candidate. The only mention the entire BBC have is of him being a speaker at conference months ago.

     Proof, once again, that the BBC are virtually 100% corrupt totalitarian liars; at least amongst the most Fascist in the world; and

    "Democracy" requires the people to be able to make up their own minds which in turn means we have to be able to hear the debate.

     That is why, being, at least 1% believers in the principles of democracy Salmond, Lamont, Davidson, Rennie and Harvie have all publicly called for broadcasting freedom in reporting by the state owned broadcaster

[sorry got that wrong]

...... being, by definition of their action, corrupt totalitarians each one of whom has proven themselves far more Fascist than the BNP (& infinitely moreso than anybody in UKIP), are happy about, indeed utterly depend on, state censorship.
     Or does anybody in the BBC or other parties feel able to factually dispute that? Thought not.

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