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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mark Millar - A Celebrity But Just Like A Person

   This morning I was walking up Woodlands Road when Mark Millar came up to me, pushing a baby buggy.

   Yes that Mark Millar.- writer of the Kick-Ass comics and movie, the Superman Red Son (which unusually for a mainstream US publication shows a deep and informed sympathy for the Soviet side in the cold war) & Wanted graphic novels, who cast Samuel L Jackson as the new comicbook Nick Fury, working class leftist from Coatbridge. That one. We know each other because we are in the same business, albeit at different ends.

    So he says (I have his permission to repeat this) "I see you're in UKIP now. Congratulations. How are they doing here."

    Better than I thought thinks I. But anyway we had a good conversation. He had been reading this blog, which is also gratifying [Hi Mark]. Turns out he knew I had been a LibDem and I explained how that went the way of all flesh when I was expelled for being an economic liberal (and as I later was told, for being against illegal wars).

   We agree totally that the EU is an economic basket case and we do ourselves no good being in it. He also has no time for the catastrophic warming propagandists - and said that when he recently retweeted an article by James Delingpole on the subject he got more hate-tweets for this than he has  for any other subject. Remarkable for the inventor on the homicidal pre-teen Hit Girl.

    When I asked for permission to mention this he said "As long as its from a left wing viewpoint" which I am very comfortable with. The only "right wing" thing about me is that I believe it proven that free enterprise works more efficiently than politicians making the decisions and I am offended at any society's leaders insisting they run us inefficiently. Unfortunately this is something that all of the modern "left" (though not historical leftists) agree must be "right wing". Too bad.

    Oh aye - and he says his wife is even more enthusiastic than him.

    Its things like that that make this worthwhile. Not celebrities per se but the fact that people with no personal axe to grind are more and more listening to what we say.

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