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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ukraine - NATO/EU Anti-Democratic & Pushing For A Fight


Ukraine: this isn’t a revolution – it’s regime change

Let’s call a spade a spade: Western politicians have usurped an elected leader.

Even in this era of rampant political spin and platitudes, where George Orwell’s claim that political language is used and abused to ‘make lies sound truthful and murder respectable’ has never been truer, the commentary on Ukraine stands out for its dishonesty. Western observers tell us there has been a revolution in that benighted nation. They claim revolutionaries have overthrown a dictator. They say the people of Ukraine have risen up and deposed their despot, and are now ‘experiencing the intense emotions expressed so eloquently by Thomas Paine in 1776 [in his writings on the American War of Independence]’. It is hard to remember the last time political language was so thoroughly used to obfuscate reality, to impose inappropriate historical narratives on to a messy modern-day event. For what we have in Ukraine is not revolution, but regime change, set in motion far more by the machinations of Western politicians than by the stone-throwing of Ukrainians.

   Says Brendan O'Neill on Spiked  I commented and got supportive comments

It isn't just, or even primarily, western "mediation" in terms of verbal pressure.

It is $5 bn admitted by the US government to have been spent by them on funding hooligans, thugs, rioters and terrorists or "democracy awareness raising programmes" and presumably at least the same again from the assorted EU countries

If somebody gave Millwall supporters $1 million to occupy Parliament square it would get occupied. Why should Ukrainians be different?
WASHINGTON (AP) — Ukraine may well be the geopolitical prize nobody can afford to win http://www.mail.com/int/news/us/2677510-facing-collapse-ukraine-costly-prize-west.html#.1258-stage-hero1-10
  • neilcraig - Marvellous comment by you exposing a truly chilling possible reality - scary
 And she is right, at least in the first part. This is not being done because our leaders are remotely interested in democracy (here or in Ukraine or Syria or Saudi Arabia), nor because there is anything to be gained by NATO owning Ukraine, which there obviously isn't, but because they can. And because it is always useful to have an external enemy to concentrate the people's minds on.

   But these idiots are playing with fire. This has all the feel of drawing lines in the sand, that intersect, that led to WW1 fought over the right to decide the fate of Serbia. Nobody expected that would devolve into such a destructive European war and everybody wanted to make the other guy back down.

    The only good news is that, despite the militaristic propaganda and censorship of the BBC & the rest of the media that follow them, online comments, both here and in the US, show a significant majority aren't buying any more.

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