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Thursday, 22 May 2014

EU Election Day - 7 Out Of 10 Scots support UKIP Policies But The BBC Keep Lying

   This morning I did my stint outside Hillhead Primary. When I turned up I was the only person there. One voter accused me of being a racist & shortly came back with a bundle of anti-UKIP posters. In due course he was replaced by a woman, whom I assume he had phoned up. She confirmed she was an SWP member so while this is rudeness and loudmouthism it clearly does not represent general opinion (see under). Later she was joined by a Green however it was amazing to see that, during one of the 2 periods of greatest voting activity, none of the serious parties had any presence. Labour used to have an organisation that could swamp any event in Glasgow. This suggests that the hollowing out of political parties has gone further than they will admit and I suspect that official membership figures (which show UKIP still marginally smaller than the LDs) depend on them still listing bas members people who left, or died a decade ago.

     Voting has been slow.

    I initially set up outside the polling station door rather than outside the school gate, we and the other parties had done during all the last elections. When I moved to the gate for higher visibility I left my trolley of posters and leaflets. In due course the SWP woman complained to the officials that this was inside the grounds. I said I was perfectly willing to move if that was the decision but pointed out that this was contrary to previous practice and wished for their assurance that the rule would be maintained and apply to everyone. I got that assurance and we will see.

Seven out of ten Scots 'back Ukip policy on immigration'
UKIP policies to curb immigration, cut overseas aid and crack down on benefits claimants are backed by a majority of Scots, a surprise new poll suggests, despite the repeated failure of Nigel Farage's anti-EU party to make a breakthrough north of the Border.
The survey shows nearly seven out of 10 Scots back stricter immigration controls, a key pledge in Ukip's manifesto for tomorrow's European elections.
Just over half want international aid budgets to be cut, while six out of 10 people say benefits should only be available to those who have lived in the UK for at least five years.
This Herald article was pointed out to me. Bear in mind that the Herald hate us, having run a campaign against us and even censored readers letters to exclude us so that figure cannot be an overestimate.

Yet the "balanced the law says so" BBC and the rest of the media have been running an unrelenting campaign of smears and lies against us in a manner no honestly impartial or democratic media could.

And we may expect them to continue lying and censoring to "educate the public" to accept only what Scotland's monolithic political elite want them to get. 

As an example of deliberate lying the BBC chose to report on a series of newspaper articles all alleged to be against UKIP. Peter Hitchens, who wrote one of them pointed out that his actually supported UKIP strongly, albeit with a couple of caveats which was all the BBC reported. The BBC have acknowledged their untruth and intend to apologise publicly.

Just back from manning the polling station from 6 to 10. Some things worth mentioning.

1 - Yet again there was nobody from any of the main parties. The Greens had someone up till 8 but that was it. I remember, back when I was a LibDem, the Labour party owned Glasgow and when, for any election, they could overman anywhere & the other parties put up a coverage most tomes and places. Now they all leave a major poling station unsupported all day. There may be something tactical to this since it is a less important election to them than us, but even at its worst they should be using it as a training exercise for next year. It can only mean the collapse in membership of these 4 parties is massive.

2 - The attack - that is overstating it but I was accosted, in a veryin your face manner, by a young woman & 3 male friends for having that morning responded in kind to a verbal attack by her friend & her. Her friend being Green councillor Martha Wardrop. Allegedly, from her experience in such things, she knew that the law did not allow me to respond so. I invited her to make a  complaint to the counting officer and they went off to do so. When they came back they had clearly been told that there were no special rules requiring UKIP members to defer to even such exalted persons as Green councillors because she lost the heid and tore down a poster I had. I wouldn't have responded even had there not been 4 of them and as attacks go it was hardly serious. Still.

I reported it to the counting officer just for the record but that was it. I would like to make it clear that these people were completely different from the Green guy handing out leaflets when I got there and the girl who replaced him - both of them were not merely civil but pleasant. However it does show that when we scratch the surface of politics, particularly on the far "left" there are quite a lot of people for whom the principles of democracy and even free speech are quite alien.

[A couple of days ago a UKIP group was barracked in Shettleston, by the SWP (including one who explained the locals didn't want us, in an American accent) and the police had to lift some]

3 -The "racism" lie. I did meet a fair number of people who said "no way and vehemently denounced UKIP as "racist". They had 3 things in common - they could not provide any evidence for it and  didn't care - they were, without exception, white (it is a heavily Asian area and they politely took leaflets and one family made it clear they had voted for us, and probably wouldn't have if I hadn't been present and the other parties absent - they were, insofar as it is possible to tell, middle class.

Few of them were willing to say they liked the EU and didn't want a referendum or give any other coherent reason for, under no circumstances, even listening to what we said, so the "racism" lie has clearly hurt us. The BBC liars have a lot to answer for, having clearly subverted a democratic election. If a little pressure from the Sun "wot won it" was enough to swing 2-3%, as both sides claim, the censorship, slanting smearing and direct lying by the state owned broadcaster, reaching far more people and with a far stronger emotional effect, should have cost us 20-30% of the vote.

Not saying we won't win, just saying that without a totalitarian media monopoly UKIP would sweep the board. I don't think this could be easily denied even by those who don't want us to do so, indeed that Herald poll mentioned above suggests I am understating & we would get something close to 70% even in Scotland with "balanced" broadcasters.

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