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Friday, 9 May 2014

Going To See Nigel Farage In Edinburgh Tonight

   Both Herald and Scotsman report on their front pages that Nigel Farage is going to be in Edinburgh today; that "Radical Independence" demonstrators are likely to appear, as they did in their Fascist attack on him last year; and that "right wing groups" are going to defend him.

   I and a number from Glasgow branch will be there. I don't believe the papers about "right wing groups" unless right wing means anybody who believes in free speech and democratic elections.

    I have put up this comment on the Herald's article. The Herald have a long record of censoring anybody from UKIP. I doubt if they will let this stand. If they do I will report it here. If not, not. (Actually they censored it before I had completed this article)


"If the Radical independence thugs are shouting racist and murderous slogans they are racist. Admittedly many of RI's thugs were SWP members bussed in from Liverpool so they were false racists, tying to play to what they believed to be Scots racism, but using racism, whether falsely or not, is racist.

Note that the only people who fell for this SWP scam was Alex Salmond & the SNP, who, in publicly supporting the racists and denigrating the victims, demonstrated that he is personally unfit for any role in any democratic state and that his "independent in Europe" regime would be an uncomfortable place for anybody with an independent mind.

The Radical Independence Fascists, appropriately, remain an honoured part of the Yes campaign."

PS Just been listening to BBC Brian's Big "Debate" in which a gratuitous attack was launched on UKIP. Brian, being an honest sort, intervened to say that it was improper to attack a party which is being censored from the "debate". Just joking - of course he didn't.

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