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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Scotsman Totally Censoring Dissident Letters

   I found that a letter I had sent to the Scotsman alone was returned by them unopened. There can be no clearer instance of censorship than a blanket refusal to publish letters from certain readers. Over many years I have written letters there, some of which have been extensively praised (eg the quote in the letter below).

   Although I was censored from their online comments some years ago because I mentioned the dissections of thousands of Kosovo Serbs and Gypsies by the KLA/NATO police (formerly NATO armed KLA terrorists). This was before the Council of Europe publicly acknowledged that it was entirely true. being entirely true, when they wanted to censor mention of genocide, was not considered reason for reinstatement by the Scotsman..

   Nominally the Scotsman is "right wing" and "independent" of our political establishment. Clearly that is not so.

   I wrote them this, sent through 2 other emails there, which it was delivered to. They have not yet replied but I will report if they do.

I note from this that the Scotsman are refusing any more to even consider publishing any letters from me. would this be because I am "a lone wolf howling in despair in the intellectual wilderness of Scots politics" and you don't want such intrusion, or merely because I have acknowledged being a UKIP candidate and you certainly don't want anything we say to go uncensored?
Neil Craig  

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